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Chris Moss has been designing gardens for over 15 years. He joined a leading garden design and build contractor in 1995 working on both domestic and commercial projects. After studying at Merrist Wood College, he joined Fiona Lawrenson in 1998, designing prestigious private gardens and show gardens worldwide.

Chris set up a London based studio in 2004 and design work has since taken him across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.
Our gardens are characterised by the subtle layering of hard landscaping elements, solid 'green' architecture and a soft overlay of herbaceous planting. We work in both modern and traditional spheres and delight in combining the two in a creative and imaginative way. Above all we work closely with each client to design spaces that are appropriate to them and which reflect their tastes and their dreams as well as their demands on their garden.
We like to supervise the construction and planting of our gardens, and to ensure the eventual success of the design we aim to maintain an ongoing relationship with our gardens by overseeing or advising on their maintenance.
A hands-on knowledge of garden construction, a vast knowledge of plants, an obsessive interest in architecture and design, and a simple passion for gardening, make our gardens practical, inspirational and unique.

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